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Affordable and Reliable Foundation Surveys

A Foundation Survey is conducted to locate improvements in new construction or additions. It will ascertain that the foundation was poured correctly and that it is in the right position and location. Many lending and local government agencies will request or require a professional certification that the improvements are not violating any zoning and building setbacks, and any existing easements.

A foundation survey is not recorded along with the boundary survey, because the boundary survey should be completed prior to the foundation being poured. The contractor has the concrete foundation poured. After it is cured the foundation survey is requested by the contractor or lender. The foundation survey locates improvements in relation to the property boundaries including the dimension, location and elevation. There are guidelines and directives to ensure that quality standards are met for foundation work. The foundation survey scrutinizes the compliance with the rule and regulation requirements.

Our professional surveying team will measure and then make comparisons between the property and the structure measurements. Previous site plans or plats will be compared with current information. The size and location of the improvements will be written to describe the property for the deed.
Once the foundation survey reveals that the foundation has been poured within the required specifications, the process can continue. Copies can be provided to the agency (as requested) that issues building permits. Once the permits are issued the contractor can continue to the steps in the building process.

It is essential that the foundation of the improvement is laid in the correct location. Mistakes cause construction delays and are costly. It is more cost effective to find problems with the foundation before there is a building on top of it.

Foundation surveys are usually requested and required by builders or lenders after the foundation is poured, this survey is useful for many reasons. It verifies that the foundation is poured correctly and in the right location before the project moves forward. It can be utilized to compare with a previous foundation survey to detect potential or actual problems. It identifies elevation or other problems with the foundation and provides a baseline to evaluate foundation settling in the future.

The foundation survey is part of a critical first step in the complex process of constructing an improvement to property. Our team has the knowledge, expertise and experience to survey a foundation with accuracy at an affordable cost. To learn more or for any further questions about a foundation survey for your building project, call us at (205) 688-6656.

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