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Affordable and Reliable Property Line Staking

Our professional survey team properly and accurately conducts property line staking on residential or commercial land. Staking allows maximum use and protection for the property owner.

Property is precisely marked by placing monuments at corners and predetermined points in between. Monuments are objects placed to mark survey points. Rebar monuments are usually located on property corners as a more permanent marker.

Wooden stakes, flags, rebar or concrete monuments are used to mark property lines along the way. Usually the markers are set 50 feet apart, but can be installed closer or farther apart as requested. Property line staking gives a visual of the property boundaries. It is extremely beneficial in visualizing areas that are difficult such as sloping or may be covered with trees and brush.

Property line staking is a physically visual survey, so there is not a plat or plans developed or provided. Our team will measure and stake property lines (and corners if needed). Missing corner monuments can be set by our team. The property line staking and marking corners is a process verified by the recorded deed on file.

Land Improvements

Property line staking is crucial when planning building improvements, landscaping, or fence installation. It can ensure that your improvement is located and built in the correct location.

Your local zoning officials may have certain requirements regarding distance of improvements from property lines. Staking is carried out to meet building permit requirements and compliance. The total land area can be determined by accurate staking.

Encroachment Issues and Disputes

Property line staking is beneficial in preventing encroachments especially when improvements are planned near the property line. Encroachment can be an expensive mistake. It can visually clarify property boundaries and prevent you from accidently encroaching by constructing improvements on your neighbor’s property.

On the other hand, it can prevent unwanted infringements by your neighbors on your property. Property line staking can help settle disputes or legal issues between neighbors who think their land has been violated by the other. It is a visual that represents true property boundaries. If a structure, landscape or something natural (trees, flowers, bushes) are in question of ownership, property line staking is beneficial. It can put to rest who is in possession or who may have encroached.

Real Estate

If you are buying or selling real estate and there is a question about the legal description of the property, property line staking is essential. It will verify the accuracy of the legal description of the parcel of land.

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Staking property lines is a task that property owners should undertake before improvements, to settle encroachment issues, or closing real estate deals. It protects the land owner assets and maximizes utilization of the land. Property line staking can clear up questions regarding the legal description of your property. Whenever you have a need to visualize your property boundaries, contact our professional licensed surveyors.

Our surveying team will accurately stake your property lines and corners as needed. We utilize advanced technology and equipment to install property markers with the most accurate and reliable results. Contact us to discuss marking your property with stakes or any other questions. Call us at (205) 688-6656.

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