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Affordable and Reliable House Corner Staking

Corner staking is for the specific purpose of ensuring that a particular structure is accurately positioned on a parcel of land. Residential or commercial corner staking is a vital step in the pre-construction work. Our professional licensed surveying team has years of experience and the expertise to correctly stake the corners of any building improvement on your property. Corner staking is included in the site planning process.

The corner stakes are wooden stakes that relay information to the building contractor as to where the structure is to be built. The stakes show the exact location of the proposed building. It is usually for a single structure, but can be performed to clarify boundaries between two or more structures. Each corner of the proposed building is staked. If needed or requested, each deviation in the foundation plan can also be staked.

Offset stakes are different form corner stakes. Offset stakes are utilized to prevent loss of information from the corner staking. The information from the corner stakes is transferred to offset stakes that are placed away from the original corner stake. The distance from the corner stake to the offset stake is annotated on the offset stake along with any change in elevation between the two. If the corner stakes may be accidently disturbed or lost during the excavating process or by other means. The offset stakes have preserved the information.

Don’t cut corners or take chances, hire a licensed professional surveyor to stake your corners.

It is vital that corner marking is precisely accurate. Incorrect corner staking can be an extremely costly mistake and lead to a halt to construction on your project. To make certain that your proposed improvement is correctly situated on your land by corner staking or any questions, call us at (205) 688-6656.

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